Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Brief Peek

An outlaw on the streets of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Getting friendly with some vines

Happy to have blue skies and sunshine at last!

Pit stop to get my flat repaired.

Chillin' with Ronald and some friends at his local hub.

Sunset of Yunyang, Chongqing

Starting to get an idea for the first day of school.


Ashley said...

Wow, your trip to China looks SO amazing! Your Aunt left a post on her blog recommending we check out your blog, so here I am! I am such a travel nut and China is a place I've never been to but am DYING to see so it'll be fun to see your posts! I've been to Thailand and Cambodia before and both were so incredible.

mama K said...

Love those pics!! Hope there are tons more where those came from. Can't believe you will be home so soon. I want your adventures to keep on keepin' on. I just don't think Provo, Utah is going to hold the same anticipation and excitement we all feel when we check your blog!! And yes, DO a minor in Arabic also. You can't regret that!

Jessica and Ryan said...

Hey it's good to see some pictures! I hope you took some more of those horses. It will be great to see you in Hong Kong!