Sunday, August 2, 2009

For You, Mom

Mom, I know I never took my senior pictures in high school, so I decided to freshen up, get dressed, and get a portrait made for you today.
But then I was afraid you might think that my appearance was a little unkempt. Loving you more than my beautiful locks, I thought it best to trim up (but only just a bit), dress a little classier, and give it a second go.
Again, I wasn't completely satisfied, so this was the look I eventually settled on. You're welcome to any of the portraits, and I hope you'll consider this restitution.Love, Your Son,


Da Bergs said...

HAHAHA, I cant wait to see what she has to say about this!!!

Drake Family said...

Oh my gosh! Those are terrific!! I am laughing my head off right now. I might have to give that a try too. I will be checking back for mom's comment too.

mama K said...

ok, so Allie called me and said to get my butt home and check Jeff's blog. Honestly, I like the first photo the best. That's what you can look like while you're touring me around China and southeast Asia someday. But remember, I get to fix myself up any way I want to also. The 3rd one is my least favorite. It's your own darn fault about that senior pic. I'm still mad at you about that, but these photos helped greatly to ease my anger. You are forgiven now. How can I get that first one framed?

Jeff said...

Haha...I was laughing as I was making these. I have a bunch more on my facebook page, including one of me as a Black man. Some of them look ridiculous...haha...but others are pretty good.